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The structure and dynamic of accounting functions across Australia has changed dramatically.

Key trends over the past decade include:

  • Continual flows of decentralising and centralising of accounting teams
  • Offshoring 
  • Outsourcing
  • Technology improvements leading to the replacement of people 
  • Trend towards shared services
  • Continual restructuring to reduce costs
  • Delayering of executive level roles
  • Erosion of traditional career paths within accounting 
  • Flat lining of remuneration for senior finance executives


At ThompsonCook we can advise you on all of these trends and the potential impact on you personally

The decisions you make about your job will have life long consequences on your career and happiness.

No longer is there a “typical” career path in accounting. To develop your career in accounting you need to be constantly developing new technical skills and experiences. So much of your career progression will be determined by the specific job that you do and the organisation that you work for.


To grow your career, focus on:


  • What are your current technical skill sets?
  • What are your personality and behavioural characteristics?
  • How are you branded by the organisations that you have worked for?
  • What sort of culture enables you to thrive?


  • What career possibilities are available to you? 
  • What technical competencies must you develop in order to progress?
  • What industry and type of organisation do you need to work for in order to progress?