ThompsonCook knows how to find and attract the very best accounting talent for your organisation.

Successful companies hire the best people in all positions.



It is critical to have the very best people working in your organisation. An outstanding employee in any role is so much better than an average employee. We are experts in accounting recruitment. We understand the deliverables of a finance team and we know how accounting functions are structured. We build personal relationships with the best accounting talent across Melbourne to ensure you benefit from our knowledge of people.


Which Candidate

We will work with you to learn about your organisation, to understand what is important and what is critical to driving success. All accounting teams are different – we understand this. Together we will agree on the ideal candidates technical competencies, personality and behavioural characteristics. A key role we play is to focus on the immediate needs of the role and the longer term opportunities for the candidate. 


The Pursuit

We methodically search and use our networks to identify candidates that may be suitable for your specific role. Our approach is discrete, professional and focused. The best candidates will always have options, our role is to facilitate their introduction to you. We will work with candidates to understand their priorities and career plan and assess their suitability for your specific role. You can expect us to work tirelessly for you.



We will work with you throughout the interview process as you gain insights and assess candidates abilities. Candidate evaluation is critical and we work with you towards assessing the personal, professional and cultural integration of each candidate for your organisation. In the negotiation phase we will work for you to structure a sound commercial outcome.

Our Capability

We help clients find staff who will make an impact, driving an organisation forward.
Let us assist you with:

  • Executive Search
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contracting Recruitment